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How to Find a Good Moving Company

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All Moving Companies are Not Created Equal

Moving is quite an ordeal. It takes time, energy, planning, scheduling, and most importantly – professionals. Finding a moving service company may sound straightforward, however, in practice, it isn’t. Whom do you trust with your most valuable possessions?

When looking for a good moving service company there are some important things to look out for.

First, make sure that the moving service company you will be hiring is insured. What would happen if your belongings got damaged or stolen? What if one of their employees was injured during the move, do they have insurance for that as well? What about property damage? What protection do you have? Don’t just take their word for it, ask to see the insurance certificates.

Second, look into their customer service history. What kind of feedback did they receive after the move was over? Did they meet expectations or did they underperform? What about their behavior? What was said about them in those reviews? What was the consensus on how they handled and treated their customers?

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Here are a few other items to look for:

1. Good Referrals

Referrals are paramount for any business. Good recommendations are the cornerstone of every company so make sure that they know what good customer service means. Check their performance history. How long have they been in business? What does feedback look like from previous customers?

2. Established in the Industry

For better or for worse, moving companies are one of those industries where size isn’t everything. There are many small businesses that provide excellent services. However, there are also several large corporations that don’t do as well. Experience counts for a lot so make sure you choose an experienced service provider.

3. An Accurate Moving Estimate

Getting a moving quote is one of the first steps when moving. This helps you get an estimated cost so you can plan the whole moving process beforehand. By getting an accurate moving estimate you can know what to expect and how much it will cost you. Also, make sure there are no hidden fees. An in -home moving estimate is the most accurate – this way professional moving companies can see exactly how much stuff you have and whether there will be any additional costs.

While price matters, quality also matters so make sure to balance these two things when looking for a mover. Accurate moving quotes take time but they are worth it as you avoid surprises at the last minute.

4. Clear and Concise Moving Contract

Moving contracts protect you and the moving service company as well. Clear and concise documents mean that everyone is on the same page, there are no questions unanswered and there aren’t any misunderstandings. Clear and concise documents include:

  • Clear Terms & Conditions
  • Clear Responsibilities
  • Clear Payment Terms
  • Clear Liability Waivers

When looking for a moving company make sure you always request a clear and concise moving contract before signing anything. Clear documents are the best defense against any liability issues down the road.

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